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Welcome to the Say No to Sunnica Community Action Group Ltd Campaign Website

Sunnica Ltd has submitted its proposal for a massive 2,500 acre solar farm situated across the borders of West Suffolk and East Cambridgeshire.

​If approved this would be the largest solar farm in the UK, if not Northern Europe and will have a significant impact on the local environment, both during construction and operation of the scheme.

The scheme would stretch around 15 miles from start to finish, affecting 16 parishes and towns, segmenting communities along it's path.

​The Say No to Sunnica campaign is not against solar power or other renewables, but we consider the proposed Sunnica Solar Farm to be a bad renewable energy scheme. To find out more please have a look at the following pages on our site...

  • ​​The Sunnica proposal, which provides an overview of the scheme and provides links to more information if you would like to read up on the scheme in more detail.

  • The Campaign which describes the work of the Say No to Sunnica Campaign and the reasons why we consider this to be a "bad" scheme.​

  • The page on press articles presents a number of indepedent articles that highlight the growing awareness of the negative impacts of large scale ground-mounted solar farms like that proposed by Sunnica.

  • If you would like to get involved or support our campaign, please see the page on getting involved.

Latest News

Important Sunnica Update May 2022 

Please see attached PDF containing and update on the Sunnica Application - the Examining Authority are asking for your opinion.

Please see our page here which describes the planning process in more detail.