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  • This is a bad renewable energy scheme and will be shown to be so. The Government will not want to allow the largest solar scheme ever proposed in the UK to be a poor example.


  • It is essential for you and The Action Group to be represented at the Examination.


Planning Application & Examination

  • The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) has now accepted the Sunnica proposal for examination. This means that it will go through to the Pre-examination and then Examination phases, likely to start in January 2022. We are waiting for this to be publicised and we will let you know as soon as we hear more.

  • Once publicised, there will be a window of a few weeks to register your interest with PINS. This will involve you registering as an Interested Party to share your views about the Sunnica proposal directly with PINS. We will give instructions on how to do this.

  • It is essential that as many people as possible do this, as it shapes the aspects of the scheme that PINS will need to consider during the examination process. The examiners don't know this area (although they will do a site visit at some point) so they rely on our local knowledge. We must share this.

  • Whether you are concerned about compulsory purchase / compulsory access, wildlife impacts, loss of agricultural land, battery safety, impact on amenity, carbon footprint, cumulative impact or whatever, please do get involved. If we don't tell them what we object to, it will not be considered.

  • The pre-examination and examination phases will last for around 9 months in total

  • Thanks to all of you for sharing your views over the past couple of years and for writing letters and completing surveys and raising awareness. This has been vital to the campaign and we look forward to your continued support as we enter the next stage of this process.


  • Pre-examination lasts approximately 3 months.


  • To have your opinions heard YOU MUST register as an Interested Party by submitting your concerns about the scheme to the Planning Inspectorate (this is called a Relevant Representation).


  • We need as many people as possible, from all the affected villages and towns, to provide Relevant Representations so that PINS can fully gauge the sentiments of the local residents who will be living with this scheme. We will let you know when to send them to the Planning Inspectorate.


  • ANYONE can register, including multiple people from same household. Relevant Representations are no more than 500 written words and must be submitted within 4-6 weeks of the accepted application being published. Once you are registered as an Interested Party you can make more detailed representations, greater than 500 words. Please start drafting yours NOW!


  • The easiest way to submit a Relevant Representation and register as an Interested Party is using the online form on the PINS website. Please call PINS on 0303 444 5000 to request a hard copy of this form if you cannot access the online version.

  • If you do not register within the limited time during the Pre-examination phase, your views cannot be heard at the Examination.


  • See a useful short video on the PINS website for more details about this:

  • If you would like to be kept up to date on the progress, please visit the PINS website and register your email address. There is a link on the right-hand side of their page:

 Examination phase

  • Examination lasts approximately 6 months.


  • The examination phase starts with a Preliminary Meeting, presided over by the Examining Authority. The timelines for Examination will be discussed at this meeting.


  • If you have registered as an Interested Party, by providing a short written Relevant Representation at the Pre-examination phase, you can then submit a more detailed written Representation, if you wish to (within 2 weeks of the Preliminary Meeting).


  • A number of hearings will be arranged during the Examination phase. These are public meetings, which any Interested Parties can attend if they wish to (but there is no obligation to do so).


  • Once the Examination is complete, the Examining Authority has 3 months to prepare a recommendation for the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to consider. The SoS then has 3 months to make the final decision.


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Say No to Sunnica

The Say No to Sunnica action group is not against solar, we are not 'NIMBY's' (Not in My Back Yard) but do not agree with losing our entire back yard to a scheme that is simply too large and too intrusive. 
All the photographs of landscapes on this website are of areas Sunnica is proposing to put solar panels on.

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The process for planning permission is not the usual local authority route. Due to the scheme's size of the project it is considered to be a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP);  it therefore goes through the National Infrastructure Planning process and is ultimately decided  by the relevant Secretary of State.

A diagram of the process and how we fit into it is below.

Sunnica submitted their plans to the Inspectorate on 18th November 2021.

If accepted by the Inspectorate, interested parties can register their interest. ANYONE CAN REGISTER AS AN INTERESTED PARTY.

Once registered you can write in with your views, ensuring they are considered by the inspector.



Making A Difference



We want to ensure the countryside is preserved for the flora and fauna as well as for future generations to continue to enjoy.

  • TOO BIG. A normal Solar Farm size is 75 to 100 acres. Sunnica’s is an Industrial Power Plant, the largest in Europe at 2,792 acres, equivalent 2,115 football pitches.


  • INDUSTRIAL LANDSCAPE. The views over the landscape and the feel of the area will be changed forever with panels, batteries, fencing, noise and light pollution a dominating factor.


  • INEFFICIENT. Sunnica is an inefficient, opportunistic, 'hotch potch' design with panels littering the countryside in four sites with a pipeline over 15 miles long to reach the connection point at Burwell, criss crossed by many roads, railway, rivers, streams pathways and public rights of way.


  • WASTEFUL. It wastes valuable, productive arable farmland currently producing vegetable and cereal crops for a minimum of 40 years. To improve our environment there is a need to reduce the carbon miles our food travels and improve our food security as the global population continues to increase.


  • NEGATIVE FINANCIALS. The fi­nancial position of Sunnica is negative in their last set of accounts (-£181k). It is extremely worrying that a company with this ­financial standing is able to work on an Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project involving hundreds of millions of pounds to construct and importantly provision to clear up the site should the scheme go bankrupt during its planned 40 year life.


  • NOT FOR YOU, FOR PROFIT. This scheme will not supply sustainable energy to local housing, it will be sold for profi­t to large corporations and the national grid. Energy will be exported from the grid at cheap, off peak times and sold back at peak times, using the battery storage to generate huge profi­ts from energy trading. It is not anticipated to create any long-term local jobs. There is no compensation offered for a reduction in house values.


  • DESTROY WILDLIFE. The scheme will destroy wildlife corridors, nesting and feeding habitats, which, once gone will not be easily recovered.


  • DANGEROUS TECHNOLOGY. The Lithium-ion batteries used in the three Battery Energy Storage Systems are potentially dangerous, currently banned in Arizona as they are ‘unacceptable risks’, due to causing two uncontrollable ­fires. The fumes omitted during these toxic fi­res are extremely hazardous to human life. A fire of this nature has already been experienced in Liverpool.


  • NEGATIVE EFFECT ON HEALTH. Particularly during construction residents, both young and old, with lung conditions such as COPD & Asthma are at risk from high levels of dust in the air that is potentially lethal to human health.


  • POOR SCREENING. Whilst Sunnica commit to trying to mitigate the damage done the by the scheme, trees and shrubs will take years to grow to the height of 2.5m to obscure the panels and deer fencing and even longer for the 6m high Battery Energy Storage Systems. This means that from the start of the construction it will be over 5 years before the planting has much effect on hiding this ugly blot on our landscape.


  • TRAFFIC CHAOS. Through the estimated 2 years of construction of the Sunnica site, the contractor will bring in Heavy Goods Vehicles, including abnormal loads, 841 staff vehicles. 1,260 staff will be working Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm creating noise and traffic through our villages. There is likely to be many road closures, diversions and muddy conditions to endure.


  • PROPERTY VALUES WILL FALL. The opinion of local estate agents is that property prices in the area will fall reducing your property value. As an example, a house currently valued at £400k will cost you £40k at a 10% reduction and £80k at a 20% reduction.

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Your support is imperative to the success of the campaign which we need to win. 
To ensure the decision is taken with full knowledge of the consequences of it, we will need to commission our own reports and experts, unfortunately these don't come cheap.


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Thermal Runaway - 

This is what happens in thermal runaway (initiated by deliberate overcharging of one cell)

Hyundai to Replace 82,000 electric vehicle batteries over fire risk:

During the sunnica contrived and controlled 'consultation', sunnica used car batteries to promote the safety and virtue of the BESS monstrosity they were proposing.

Just think about car battery size v BESS size. Batteries are an issue for LG and Hyundai, brands who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in pioneering technologies :


See BBC News Report Here:

See Briefing Note on Lithium Ion Batteries by Paul Christenson - 

DSC_0315 b.jpg


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