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Sunnica are proposing to develop a massive Solar farm in West Suffolk, covering 2,792 acres of country side with solar panels, battery energy storage and associated plant equipment

Say No to Sunnica Campaign

The Say No to Sunnica Campaign is opposing this monstrous scale industrial power plant.

This is the campaign website which provides information on the scheme and campaign....

Welcome to the Say No to Sunnica Campaign Website

In 2020 Sunnica published a proposal for a massive solar farm situated between the villages of Worlington, Freckenham, Chippenham and Red Lodge.

This will be the largest solar farm in Europe and will have a devastating impact on the local environment, both during construction and operation of the scheme.

While the Say No to Sunnica campaign is not against solar power in principle, the proposed Sunnica Solar Farm is a bad renewable energy scheme.

​Our website provides more information on the Sunnica scheme and the Say No to Sunnica campaign. Please have a look at the following pages…

  • The Sunnica proposal, which provides an overview of the scheme and provides links to more information if you would like to read up on the scheme in more detail.

  • The Campaign which describes the work of the No Sunnica Campaign and the reasons why this is a bad scheme.​

  • If you would like to get involved or support our campaign, please see the pages on getting involved and supporting our campaign.

Latest News

The Planning Inspectorate started the formal examination of the Sunnica Proposal on 17th January 2022. This means that the clock is now ticking, with strict time limits for each stage of the examination.

As part of the examination everyone is entitled to submit their views and comments on the proposal. To do this you must register as an interested party by 17th March 2022.

Please see our page here which describes the planning process in more detail and explains how to register as an interested party. The process of registering is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Whether you are concerned about compulsory purchase / compulsory access, wildlife impacts, loss of agricultural land, battery safety, impact on amenity, carbon footprint, cumulative impact or whatever, please do register and submit your views. If we don't tell the planners what we object to, our views cannot be considered.

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